SEC Power Corporation was organized for the purpose of establishing a solar farm designed to serve the ever growing power need for green energy. Our initial goal is to wholesale power to a local provider at a reasonable rate through a renewable resource which is eco-friendly and recyclable. By using the latest Photovoltaic technology, SEC has developed a low cost, environmentally conscious method of producing energy.
To meet the company's specific needs, SEC's employees encompass a wide range of education and years of business and techincal experience. The company consists of:
Skyler Careaga | CEO - 10 years of management and 10 years of experience in banking, business planning, loan structuring, business investments, and small business owner.
Travis Careaga | Officer - 5 years of management with experience in supply chain orders, operations, and customer relations.
Raymundo Careaga | Officer - 30 years as Senior Tech and Team Lead for Honeywell with experience in electrical projects in aeronautics.
Jennifer Jordan | Officer - has been working for a former ambassador who is still heavily involved in world events and has first class scheduling and planning abilities as well as large project coordination experience.
Daxon Tienken | Officer - Currently holds his general contractors license and has been in construction in temporary power for over 15 years.
James Armstrong | Board Member - Practicing business attorney with his own successful firm.
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